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Regular vacuum cleaning greatly helps to keep your carpet and rugs clean by removing loose dirt and dust settled on the surface. However, vacuuming does not eliminate stains, germs and pests that reside deeper in the carpet fibres. Over time, if carpet cleaning is not performed it could have serious consequences for your family. Heavy build-up of bacteria or allergens could cause health issues and in worst cases hospitalise someone.  This is why it is important to hire carpet cleaners London at least twice a year.

Carpet cleaner London effectively removes deeply embedded dirt, allergens and residue as well as dirt on the immediate surface leaving your home with thoroughly clean carpets and rugs. Although you can do your own carpet cleaning, it is always recommended to use a carpet cleaning company. This is because carpet cleaners have all the required training, insurance and expert equipment to do the job thoroughly.

Although rugs are gorgeous additions to any home, they are especially difficult to clean. One of the major issues is that some rugs are not colourfast. This means that they are vulnerable to fading, and steam cleaning could release the dye and ruin the rugs.  A carpet cleaner will know how to tackle this issue by using dry cleaning techniques that use no moisture.

So for carpet and rug cleaning without the risks you should consider calling in the professionals.  It’s certainly cheaper than replacing your carpet or rugs because of an unfortunate mishap.

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