4 types of professional carpet cleaning service you can get

Professional Carpet Cleaning Types

Cleaning your carpet at home is not only about vacuuming. As a matter of fact, vacuum cleaning is merely a base type of cleaning that doesn’t remove deeply ingrained dust. You need to rely on the services of a cleaning company.

Professionals have the tools and solutions to clean your carpet deeply and leave it looking refreshed. There are a few types of services you can get with various companies. It is important to know the specifics of each of them so that you can choose the best one. After all, some cleaning methods may not work for your carpet, so you need to be informed about that to avoid doing damage to it.

Here is what you should consider:

  • Hot water extraction – this method is often referred to as steam carpet cleaning and is perhaps the most popular one out there. It involves high-pressure water-agitating the carpet fibres, to dissolve dirt and other debris inside. An expert will also apply some sort of cleaning agent on the soiled surface of your carpet, before agitating the surface with water. Once the cleaning solution sets inside the carpet, the surface is washed and rinsed in order to remove the liquid. When the process is complete, the carpet needs to dry in a well-ventilated room. This could take some hours, during which you should not step on the carpet. Usually, you should leave the carpet to dry overnight, before resuming normal traffic in the area.
  • Encapsulation – this cleaning method features the use of detergents that crystalise into a foam. The method is called that way since the loose particles within the carpet are encapsulated into powder, as the foam dries. This method works on carpets that are not heavily soiled, but rather for routine cleaning.
  • Bonnet cleaning – if you wish to get a perfect looking surface carpet area, then bonnet cleaning is right for you. The gear used for this job usually involves a heavy-duty motorised machine and a spinning pad with cleaning solution. This is the perfect method to hire a company for if you have a hotel or some other heavy traffic area, which is rather difficult to clean with too much moisture involved.
  • Dry carpet cleaning – this method has gained a lot of popularity since it is very convenient. As the name suggests, there is no water used during the cleaning process, and so there is no need to wait for the carpet to dry. If you hire a cleaning company to clean your carpet this way, you will find they use a specialised compound and powders. The experts will apply the solution to the bottom part of the carpet with the respective gear. As the mixture settles, it cleans the carpet fibres thoroughly. Make sure the company uses an eco-friendly solution for their dry carpet cleaning service.

Now that you know the most common carpet cleaning methods, you can hire a company with ease.

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