Simple tips to keep clean carpets with Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpeted floor homes are exciting and appealing. When you have a new carpet on your floors, you can enjoy the comfort feel that it offers. However, you can loose this in a short time if proper care is not taken on the carpet. You need to give your carpet additional care beyond regular Carpet Cleaning. Here are simple tips that will help you keep your clean carpet:

  • Regular vacuuming

Simple tips for Carpet Cleaning

Regular vacuuming is important for a clean home. This process will take off dust and other forms of dirt from the carpet. Regular vacuuming prevents the dirt from sinking in to the carpet deeply. Regular vacuuming however should not be a substitute to other Carpet Cleaning processes like shampooing and occasional deep cleaning.

  • Spot Carpet Cleaning

It is best to clean all stains as they occur. When a spill occurs on the carpet, try to blot out the stain and clean any content that can be removed from the spot on the carpet. After blotting the liquid, use a soapy cloth to remove the visible stain then rinse the spot. The same applies to mud stains and other stains that stick on the carpet.

  • Buying rugs

With a new carpet on the floor, special care is important for it to retain its appeal. You should buy rugs for use on the carpet. This means buying strategic matching mats that can be placed on sections of the carpet that are regularly used. The door and paths along the house that are frequently used should have the mats to lessen the effect that frequent traffic has on the new carpet. You can also choose to move around the rugs at different times thus allowing the carpet retain an even look in all regions as different sections are exposed at relevant times.

  • Implementing a dirt free policy

Dirt on the carpet does not always fall from the sky but has a manmade cause. Walking with dirty shoes in the house having dirt that was collected from outside is one source of carpet dirt. Other sources include leaving clothes on the floor, hair falling from the head while combing, and food debris falling off from the plate. Implementing a policy not to eat from anywhere but from designated locations like in the dining room, leaving shoes at the door when coming into the house, and keeping clothes in their designated locations will help in keeping the carpet clean.

  • Using carpet freshener powder

Bad odour is another form of dirt on the carpet. Using carpet freshener powder is an ideal way to keep bad odour away and welcoming a fresh scent into the room. The freshener powder is designed for occasional use. You can also alternatively use baking soda to take bad scent away from the room.

  • Rent carpet cleaners

Carpet Cleaning London is an important process and as explained earlier, vacuum cleaning is not sufficient. Occasional shampooing and deep cleaning is necessary. The machinery used for these actions are not common household items. However, there are rental stores that give out the machines for use at a fee. You should rent out carpet cleaners like steam cleaners from the store for deep cleaning of the carpet.

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