4 easy steps to remove coffee stains from your carpet

How to remove coffee stains from your carpet?

A lot of people enjoy the taste and smell of coffee. However, the same hardly holds true for its colour on the carpet in the form of a stain. That is one thing you will hate and wish to remedy through some effective carpet cleaning method.

The most important aspect to remember about coffee stains on the carpet is that you can clean them. Don’t worry about your carpet, as it will most likely be fine. As long as you can follow the carpet cleaning steps below in time, no trace of the coffee stain will remain on your carpet.

No matter how it got there, follow these easy steps:

4 Easy Steps To Remove Coffee Stains From Your Carpet

  • Act as soon as you can – assuming that the stain is not old, i.e. you return home, and you find a dried up coffee spill on the carpet, you really should act as soon as possible. Coffee stains are so much easier to clean while they are still fresh. Do the cleaning before the liquid has had a chance to dry up. Grab a clean cloth or a paper towel and blot the stained area. It will absorb the liquid and transfer it from the carpet onto the cloth/towel. Don’t rub the stain too hard, as this will only cause the stain to spread.
  • Apply lukewarm water – once you have blotted the stain as much as you can, add lukewarm water. Be careful not to add boiling water, as this will set the stain instead of help clean it. You can use a spray bottle or a wet sponge and dab the area. Afterwards, use a kitchen towel to blot the excess water.
  • Use cleaning product – the above two steps may be enough to clean the stain completely. However, in case it proves to be more stubborn, you will need a more specialised approach. Carpet shampoo is a good pick for a cleaning product, although if you have none of it nearby, you can also use non-bleach detergent as well as washing powder. Make sure you test the product on a small area of your carpet first. You can do that by mixing a quarter teaspoon with one litre of warm water, dip a paper/cloth towel and apply. If all is fine, apply on the stain and work the solution into the stain. Work from the outside area towards the centre, so that it doesn’t spread. Blot the excess when you are done.
  • Carpet Cleaning TipsRinse – when are done with the cleaning solution, you should rinse the area. Apply clean water with a sponge or a spray bottle. Be ready to repeat the previous steps till all of the stain and the cleaning solution is gone.

As you can see, cleaning a coffee stain from the carpet is not as difficult as you thought. You just need to follow the carpet cleaning steps outlined above, and the procedure will be a success. If you don’t want to the risk of cleaning the carpet on your own, you should get in touch with the carpet cleaning specialists. They have the knowledge and experience to treat all kinds of stains.

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