5 proven ways to extend the life of your carpet

A great looking carpet is perhaps the best interior addition you can make. Thanks to it, you add a finishing touch and warmth to any living room. One thing you should know about carpets, however, is to keep them in their best appearance, you need to invest adequate time and effort in carpet cleaning.

A lot of people seem to think that leaving the carpet to fend for itself will not have any consequences. Unfortunately, that is not true. A rug can almost hold its weight in dust and dirt unless adequately taken care of.

Here are a few ways that you can extend the life of your carpet:

  • Carpet Cleaning ServiceLearn what type of carpet you have – the best way to provide adequate carpet cleaning is by knowing what material your carpet is made. There are different fibres you can purchase, from the more popular nylon to exotic varieties like sheepskin. When it comes to carpet cleaning, you need to employ a different approach based on what is the material of the carpet. That will determine the methods and solutions you use. To illustrate, you can expect polyester carpets to acquire more dust, thus being in need of more frequent vacuuming, in addition to deep cleaning now and then.
  • Frequent vacuuming – a lot of people think vacuuming is unnecessary and mostly a waste of time. This type of carpet cleaning, however, is essential for keeping surface dust and dirt to a minimum, thus limiting the access of solid particles to the fibres. The ideal frequency of vacuuming depends on the use of the carpet. An excellent general guideline you can follow is once a week.
  • Don’t let dirt inside – to prolong the life of your carpet; you can limit the amount of dust and dirt that ends up inside your home. The best way to do this is to place a mat at the front door for people to wipe their shoes off. Even yet, you can have visitors leave their shoes at the door. Such a measure is sure to reduce the need for carpet cleaning.
  • 5 proven ways to extend the life of your carpetDon’t let stains linger on the carpet – another way to preserve your carpet is to address stains as soon as possible. The more they sit, the harder they become to remove. It is also essential to address such issues adequately, by blotting and not rubbing them. Ensure the stain removal product you want to use is safe for your carpet before you apply it.
  • Have the carpet professionally cleaned – even if you are regular in your efforts, you will still need to have the rug cleaned by professionals now and then. Thanks to the tools and methods they use, you can bet that the carpet will be deep cleaned and sanitised.

By following these cleaning tips, you can bet your carpet will remain in decent condition for a long time to come. Without such carpet cleaning and care, you will have a sorry looking rug pretty soon, which is not good.

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