Top autumn carpet cleaning tips

Top Autumn Carpet Cleaning TipsWith autumn well underway, you should have already greeted the falling leaves and the change of green to brown and yellow. There is much to think about: replacing your wardrobe with warmer clothes, home redecoration and a wide range of events associated with fall and the coming winter.

In the midst of all that, you may forget about household chores and carpet cleaning in particular. It is hardly the way to go, as the carpet is sure to experience wear and tear throughout the season. Now is the time to focus on ways to protect your carpet so that it makes it through unharmed.

Pay attention to the following carpet cleaning tips:

  • Prepare your vacuum cleaner – during the autumn you will need to vacuum more than ever. Check your vacuum cleaner and make sure it is up to the task. Now might be the best time to invest in a new cleaner. Your carpets will thank you big time.
  • Improve carpet cleaning game – as people enter and leave your home, foot traffic will increase during autumn. As such, it introduces some new challenges of extra wear and tear, but also additional dust and dirt that you will have to clean. The easiest way to act on this is to invest more time in vacuum cleaning. This is the most basic way of tackling dirt on the carpet. If you have been vacuuming once every two weeks, you can up that number to once a week. Do not rush through the job and take your time to pass through every area of the carpet a few times. Do not forget corners as well and use your vacuum attachment in these areas.
  • Be preventive – being a little preventive goes a long way in reducing the strain of dust and dirt on your carpets. The best way to do this is to place a solid doormat at your front door. It will do wonders in keeping dust and dirt from entering your home. Another thing you can do is to limit people walking with shoes inside. Tell people to leave their shoes at the door and be strict in following this rule. You will soon enough note just how much of a difference this makes.
  • Scotchgard your carpet – scotchgarding is an excellent preventive measure you can take to ensure that stains do not cause any trouble for your carpet.Carpet Cleaning Tips Scotchgarding involves the application of a special stain repellent, which serves to ward against stains. The method is worth considering in autumn, as the season introduces increased traffic at home. You will find yourself cooking more and with peace of mind about possible stains.
  • Clean thoroughly – vacuuming and dealing with stains is nice, but you’ll do well to have your carpet professionally cleaned. Steam cleaning guarantees that your carpet is fully refreshed and contains no deeply ingrained spoils that could trigger allergies. You do not want the rug contributing more to the flu season, do you?

By implementing these tips into your carpet cleaning routine, you can bet that autumn will not cause you any trouble. Your carpets will then continue to provide that necessary sense of warmth throughout the autumn.

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