Smart ways to pick the best vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is an essential tool of your household. Without it by your side, carpet cleaning is hardly going to be effective, and allergens will remain within the carpet fibres unchallenged. Given the fact that the vacuum cleaner is among the most important possessions in a household, you have to consider many factors before buying.

Here are some tips to guide your choice:

  • Pick The Best Vacuum CleanerIn case you have wall-to-wall carpeting – an upright vacuum cleaner is your best friend in case you have plenty of carpeted space to cover. Look for one with an adjustable-height brush, to make cleaning easier. You will be pushing across different heights of the carpet pile, so it makes sense to strive for convenience. A lot of upright vacuum cleaners come with dirt sensors. Thanks to such a feature, you will know exactly when you have addressed the task, without the need to invest effort and time going back and forth.
  • For a home with plenty of bare floors – even tiled areas and hardwood floors require vacuum cleaning. If that is what you have to deal with in your home, then pick a canister vac with many attachments. Thanks to the added functionality of these attachments, you can effortlessly vacuum tight areas and corners. An upright vacuum cleaner also works well, as long as you pick one that lets you turn the brush roll off. This prevents scratching damaging your floors.
  • For stairs – the most important feature of a vacuum cleaner for stairs is a long hose and attachments. You need that to get around railings, which can be tough to clean. Still, if you are only purchasing a single vacuum for the entire house, you will hardly want to drag around a cumbersome one. Instead, get a lightweight one, perhaps an upright model. You can also consider a less expensive model to use on the stairs alone.
  • Cleaning other than just floors – a vacuum cleaner is regarded as one of the most versatile tools. Consider getting one with many attachments, because they can make your life easier. There are attachments for cleaning upholstery, dusting and crevice tools. Nowadays there are models with options to clean mattresses, in addition to pet hair. These help a great deal with vacuum cleaning.
  • Vacuuming TipsA vac against allergies – the way all vacuum cleaners work is by drawing air, along with dust and debris, and sending exhaust out. If your vacuum cleaner has poor filtration or too many crevices in the body, it can scatter irritants in the room. A sealed vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter is a useful one.
  • For a quick clean up – believe it or not, new cordless models are just as powerful as some upright vacuum cleaners. While they do not last long with only minutes’ worth of battery life, but can quickly deal with a mess. Another excellent option for a quick clean-up is a handheld or a stick vacuum cleaner. They are not a good pick for the main cleaner but do a good job when speed is of the essence.

Now that you know what type of vacuum cleaner is best to use in your home, you can better support your carpet cleaning needs with one.

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