5 types of vacuum cleaners you can buy from

Purchasing a vacuum cleaner is essential for the wellbeing of your carpet. Without one, you cannot hope to remove the dust that inevitably ends up on the carpet fibres. However, you should know that there are various vacuum cleaners, all of them with their upsides and drawbacks.

You must carefully weigh the options and then decide which one best supports your carpet cleaning efforts.

  • 5 types of vacuum cleaners you can buy fromUpright vacuum cleaners – these are among the most popular vacuum cleaners of today. They provide powerful suction and feature a tilt-and-push design, which is what you may have learned to associate with the word ‘vacuum cleaner’. You can use them to clean your carpets as well as your floors. As far as the latter option is concerned, you should acquire a vacuum cleaner with the option to turn its brush roll off; else you risk scratching bare floors. It is true that upright vacuum cleaners lack versatility in that they don’t come with attachments, which is a limitation. You won’t be able to get into tight spots with an upright vacuum quickly.
  • Canister vacuum cleaners – the main components of this vacuum cleaner are located in a tank, while the main tool comes attached to a hose that is coming of it. Perhaps the most notable aspect of canister vacuum is the numerous attachments that come with the vacuum. These make the vacuum extra useful in that they enable upholstery cleaning, reaching into small crevices and a wide range of other tasks that you wouldn’t normally complete with another vacuum. Perhaps the only downside is that you have to drag the canister everywhere with you, making cleaning stairs a nuisance.
  • Handheld vacuum cleaner – small vacuums you can hold with your hands are called handheld. They are lightweight and convenient to carry around, making them the best portable option out there. There are cordless varieties out there, and also ones with or without a rotating brush. You can use them to deal with all sorts of small isolated areas, such as removing crumbs from the table, upholstery, car interior and more. However, don’t view them as full duty vacuum cleaners, as they are neither that powerful nor that versatile with a full range of attachments. 
  • Robotic Vacuum CleanerStick vacuum cleaner – a vacuum cleaner of slim design with a rotating brush and limited suction. You can use these to remove debris from a bag/bin, even if said debris is around furniture, which low-profile heads move around with ease. Stick vacuums are suitable for a quick clean. A lot of models convert into handheld types, once you disconnect them from the wand. You shouldn’t replace a more powerful vacuum cleaner with them though.
  • Robotic vacuum cleaner – if you are looking for a hi-tech option, then a robo vac is your best bet. These map your room and zip around to clean the floor without any effort required on your side. These easily reach under furniture and can be programmed to clean when you are not home. However, before you let one loose, you have to pick up clutter, or the obstacles will reduce the machine’s effectiveness.

Evidently, each of these vacuum cleaners come with some strong points and some drawbacks. Think about all of this when you make a purchase, to determine which vacuum is best for you.

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