Vacuuming 101: the only guide you will ever need

Vacuuming 101 Guide - Cleaning Tips
So you have decided to invest in a carpet for your home. That is a wise decision, considering the great feeling of warmth these interior pieces add. Given that carpets come in a variety of different colours and types, you can really match it with any style you are considering.

One thing you must never forget is that no carpet will remain dust-free for long, unless you do your vacuum cleaning regularly. This most basic form of carpet cleaning is one chore you must always perform. Simple as it may seem, there is actually more to vacuuming than you realise. You might need a few clever tips on how to deal with this task in the most efficient manner so that your carpet is clean and looking great.

Here’s the best tips on how to vacuum:

  • Adjust vacuuming time – since vacuum cleaning is not your most favourite activity in the world, you may feel like postponing. But know getting out the vacuum once a fortnight is hardly ideal for your carpet. This is mainly because dust and other small particles get embedded deep within the fibres, if left for too long. Getting rid of them then requires a different, more time consuming and possibly costly cleaning approach. Putting off the vacuuming is not sensible, if you wish to keep dust, dirt and allergens off your carpet and home. You must attend to this chore at least once a week, though you may have to shorten that time for high-traffic areas.
  • Invest in a good vacuum cleaner – in order to deal with dust the right way, you have to use the right vacuum cleaner. This means one that is powerful enough to remove the particles from within carpet fibres. That said, it is not recommended to rely on a small handheld vacuum for dealing with all the carpeted surfaces in your home. You need a big vacuum, which will be more than a match for the dirt that finds its way in your home.
  • Don’t rush – one common mistake people make when vacuuming is going over the area too quickly. This is not ideal, since it doesn’t give enough time for the vacuum cleaner to lift dust and dirt from the carpet. Going over the area slowly is the best way to maximise efficiency.
  • Vacuum under furniture – ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is not a principle you want to apply when it comes to vacuuming under furniture. Just because the area there doesn’t see much activity, doesn’t mean dust particles and other dirt won’t settle there! As you vacuum, make sure you reach under furniture pieces. Every few months, you should move them around in order to clean the carpeted area underneath more thoroughly.
  • Use attachments – your vacuum cleaner can be used for so much more than you may imagine, all thanks to the various attachments it comes with. For example, you can vacuum your upholstery and also deal with dust on the curtains by using the right tool. Attachments also allow you to vacuum tight nooks and crannies, overall making the vacuum cleaner a much more diverse and useful tool.
  • Rotate vacuuming pattern – another effective strategy that has to do with vacuuming is to rotate the pattern you go over the carpet. First do vertical strokes and then change to horizontal. That way you will maximise the amount of dust and debris picked up from the fibres.
  • Make sure you inspect the vacuum – vacuum bags need to be emptied on a regular basis. Don’t ever let it reach full capacity, because the vacuum will simply not operate well then. Carpet cleaning experts recommend you empty the bag when it is only 2/3 of the way full. As for bag-less vacuums, it is a good idea to empty the canister/dust receptacle after every use.

By following these simple vacuuming tips, you can be sure your carpet will be in its best condition all the time. Remember, carpet cleaning through vacuuming is something you must do in order to preserve the fabric and keep dirt at bay.

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