A guide on removing wax stains from the carpet

Wax Stain Removal

If you are using candles to spark up the romantic mood in your home, you must consider the risk of a wax stain ending up on the carpet. Don’t let something as simple as that ruin your mood. carpet stains are no fun to look at, but they are definitely not the end of the world either.

Whether you have had an accident with scented tealights or statement pillars, you need to prepare with the right tools and technique. This article aims to provide the latter by outlining the steps to take to clean wax from the carpet.

Make sure to note the following:

  • Remember to act fast and not panic – it is true that candle wax looks beautiful on the candle itself. The melting process gives it a great shape on the candles, but once that ends up on the carpet, it is horror-inducing. Fear not – if you keep a cool head and act quickly, you can remove it with ease.
  • Find a plastic bag with no holes – you want to get a plastic bag that is 100%-waterproof for these next steps. Re-sealable bags work best, but if all you have is a shopper bag from the supermarket, you can use it as well. Just check to ensure that it doesn’t leak any water because that will make the job harder. Fill the bag with ice, press onto the wax stain. The goal is for it to harden completely.
  • Scrape it off – now that you have frozen the wax, it is time to scrape off as much of it as possible. Use a blunt knife for the job, but be careful not to damage the carpet fibres. Don’t make any quick moves.
  • Use an iron – grab a clean towel or some kitchen paper to place on the stain. What you are going to do next is run over the area with a warm iron (not hot). The goal is to allow the towel/paper to absorb the wax that remains on the carpet after the scraping. You want to keep the iron off the carpet and solely focus it on the towel or paper.
  • Sponge with a cleaner – although ironing the stain will most likely deal with a large part of it, there could be some wax left. If you have a commercial carpet cleaning solution at hand, you should use it on the remains of the stain. Apply the solution and sponge at the stain. Don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Conclude the cleaning process – by now you should have cleaned the stain properly. For the final touches, you can add some carpet freshener on the stained area, if you have a solution at hand.

As you can see, removing wax from the carpet is not that easy, but it is not super complicated either. Now that you know how to do it, you can rest easy that such a stain will not ruin your romantic mood.

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