Carpet cleaning prices in London

If you are searching for competitive and affordable carpet cleaning prices in London and surrounding areas, then look no further.

  • Carpet Cleaner Ltd is confident that we can provide quality service every time.
  • The minimum price for carpet cleaning is £75.
  • All rates are exclusive of VAT.
  • We offer discounts on orders above £150.00
  • Other fees (like parking) may be applied.
  • Our carpet cleaners are fully insured, vetted and trained.

See our carpet cleaning prices in London. You can simply contact us at 020 7206 2318 now for a free quote or book online and receive 5% off.

Flight of stairs£40 or 4 per step
Lounge (dining room + living room) – may depend on the size£90.00
Living room£55.00
Dining room – may depend on the size£55.00
BedroomSingle – £40.00/ Double – £45.00
Normal size rug£40 or 4 per sq.m
The minimum price for carpet, upholstery and mattress cleaning is £75