Management at Carpet Cleaner Ltd

Carpet Cleaning LondonAs a cleaning company that follows all the regulations and guidelines set by the health and safety policy, we also acknowledge and commit to the company’s continuous update of the Health and Safety policy.

This policy will be practiced and observed. We also make sure that new recommendations and guidelines are thoroughly reviewed and assessed all the time for the benefit of all our customers in accordance with the law.

We strongly believe that a dedicated team is crucial in maintaining the satisfaction of our customers.

Our management team has worked hard to recognise and implement worker-cantered approaches to create a sense of faithfulness and devotion to the cleaning agency.

Carpet Cleaner Ltd are proud to tell our customers that we only seek to exceed their expectations. We aim to be their first choice when it comes to their cleaning needs.

  • We require our cleaners to provide evidence of address. This is to make sure where they exactly live.
  • Customers should not worry because we gather references and information so we will know the background of our cleaners.
  • We also require our cleaners to provide proof of ID. This is to make sure that they are exactly who they are claiming to be.

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